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PHILOSOPHY We are a specialist organization carrying out specialist work in a highly specialized field. We are not in the "tourism business"; Tourism is the economic sector in which we work. Our work is not limited to selling tickets and excursions, hotel rooms or cabins aboard ships, nor is it organizing events. What we principally provide to our clients is an efficient, serious, reliable service with a high level of training and a sense of professional responsibility. We do not "manage groups". By the nature of our activities we provide services to people traveling together; but every traveler is an individual to us, a Very Important Person and we have to treat him as such. At Lima Tours we are committed to our tradition as a "tourism school", to our international reputation for excellent service, our position as a creative industry leader, to the preservation of the cultural and natural values of Peru and, fundamentally, to the search for the well being for our country in general and our loved ones in particular. In our daily work we are responsible not only for what we do but also for what we have failed to do. For us there are no "problems", as each problem should be seen as an "opportunity" to improve and achieve success through imagination, initiative, personal effort, teamwork and a permanent willingness to change. We believe that happiness at work is contagious, but we should not wait until it is passed on to us. We need to be the ones who transmit it! We know that the secret of this happiness and of success is not in doing what we like but in liking what we do. For us, as well as being our workplace, Lima Tours is a very demanding, very imaginative and very dignified way of living 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lima Tours is not just a way of earning a living. The company cannot pay what its staff deserves for everything our work demands. But we can find personal satisfaction, opportunities for our creative spirit, professional growth, disciplined professional training and the opportunity to "do things" such as few occupations provide and, at the same time, each one of us can "contribute" to enriching the lives of others and to making them happy. Mission We are dedicated to the promotion of Peru's cultural and natural heritages, and are committed to their conservation. We guarantee personalized customer care, by designing innovative products and services, tailor-made for each client, with state-of-the-art technology. We are a well-trained, highly motivated team, fully identified with the company's values. Vision We share with the world our passion for Peru. Values - Liberty
- Initiative
- Transparency
- Originality

“Our organization provides customized tourism services that meet the specific needs of each client to his/her satisfaction. We will succeed in this endeavor by offering the highest quality of the services and products requested by the clients; keeping a fully trained and well paid staff; being creative, flexible and related to the Company’s values at all times; remaining competitive and using cutting-edge technology.

Our employees, clients and suppliers are our strategic partners and, as such, we must create and maintain appropriate conditions of mutual respect and trust, promoting continuous improvement and ensuring the effectiveness of our integrated management system.

We commit to promote a healthy and safe work environment for all; identifying hazards and assessing risk on an ongoing basis, to prevent work-related injuries and diseases; ensuring that the employees and their representatives are consulted and have an active participation in all the aspects of the system as a result of our activities; seeking appropriate performance and continuous improvement in safety and occupational health; complying with national and other applicable laws, and all the requirements that Lima Tours adheres to; respecting, interpreting and complying with ILO international conventions pursuant to the requirements in SA8000 and other standards we freely subscribe to.

We are aware that complying with our economic, sociocultural and environmental responsibilities in a balanced manner, on the basis of sustainable criteria, is essential for maintaining our current leadership and strengthening it in the future.

The commitments to achieve a better management of sustainable development at our company are the guiding principle and foundation of our behavior towards tourism. They are based on the guidelines of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, which will enable us to achieve our objectives without harming the ecosystem and protecting the natural and cultural heritage, and asking our passengers to adhere to these commitments during their stay in Peru.

These commitments are fully integrated to our daily work and are permanently submitted to review and improvement by the Top Management and all of us who honor them.”